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AS JDK excluding page load but sending UA


Hello Forum

We are facing an issue with one of our AppMon customer.

The context is the following:

We are talking about an intranet single page web application.

Our customer application is accessible through a chrome remote application running on terminal server farm handling connections issued from the country wide subsidiaries, all using different IPs.

Web requests are driven to a F5 load balancer, connected to 2 webseals units, themselves connected to a web server (with DT web-server agent - entry point) then to the web application server (with DT java agent) .

UEM sessions are generated by agent which manually injects to the single page application.

Currently, looking at Client IP into user action purepath, we see the webseal IP address where's the request was handled instead of real client IP.

Programmer added a preload-html.txtl page that the query part includes all the real client data, so source URL includes all the connection informations as following:


Source parameters are transmitted through the Request Header using DynaTrace JS Agent and JS ADK.

Programmer has also created a web request with the preload.html, which is sending the client ip within the first web request, but since the preload.html page load doesn't include x-forward-for, the visit is recognized with webseal ip and not the real client ip.

My question is,

Is there a way to use the JS ADK within the first page, by excluding page loading and just sending the UA ?

If no, what is the best coding practice to render the IP and TS name we need on all web requests ?






Hi ,

I will try to explain this issue a bit less complicated ....

What we are trying to to get here is to have the first user action in visit an ADK one (i.e. EnterAction , Web Request , LeaveAction) rather than the loading of page, is that possible?

The reason for that is that we want to get the "real" client ip with in the x-foreword-for, which was added by programmer to the first web request of a visit, and not the ip of the RDP machine/WebSeal/NLB.... that somehow don't pass this parameter to the loaded page parameters

Thanks in advance


dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace primer partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel


Hi Forum

For those who are interested, we found a workaround, instead of identifying the source IP by app preload, we have developed a google extensions that pick-up end user IP from URL and set it into X-Forward-For. We have set-up the extension into the chrome session served by terminal, it should solve the issue (locally works, I am waiting for the extension deployment on terminal servers to confirm)