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About Collector Group list


Hi, This is Ryotaro

I want to ask about Collector Group list.

is my understanding is collect? or not.

■ The timing of receiving the list of collector groups is the timing at which the Agent connects to the collector. When the specified collector server (written in the configuration) is shutting down at the first connection, it can not connect to other collectors.

■ In the second and subsequent connections, it can connect another collector since the Agent has a list of collector groups even when the Agent is restarted, even if the designated collector server (written in the configuration) is down at startup.

I also want to know about these.

■Is the group list possibly thrown away? when?
■When is the timing to be updated the list?

Best regards




Hello Ryotaro,

If a Collector fails due to hardware or software failure, the Agents buffer data from a couple of seconds to up to a minute, depending on load. As a result, no data is lost if the Collector is started again within this time.

If the Collector comes up within a minute again, the Agents will automatically reconnect to the Collector and the latter to the Server. If not, the Agents can fail over to a different Collector in the Collector group.

One thing to keep in mind that the collectors group work only one way e.g. FO/LB but not the Fail Back, therefore, the agents will not connect back again automatically to the actual collector (where you configured logically during configuration) until they will be restarted.