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About Databackup for DT6.5


Hello, This is Ryotaro.

I want to ask about Databackup for DT6.5.

My customers want to keep all the data of DT6.5 for a certain period of time.

I want to know about the diffrence of session data with PWH DB data.

I think session data = PWH DB data, so I don't have to back up the DB data if when I get the session data.

my understand is correct or not?

best regards




Hello Ryotaro,

Basically there is a huge difference between 'Session' and PWH data. The session data is your PurePaths data (to keep for the short period of time) and the PWH is your metrics data (to keep for a long period of time).

A session is a set of diagnosis data related to a specific System Profile.

Examples of a session are:

  • PurePath Session – Combined information about PurePaths and Time Series within a given time period.
  • Memory Dump – Analysis data about the number, size, and class of allocated objects and their references.
  • Thread Dump – Collection of data for thread analysis, including CPU time information.
  • Sampling – Statistical data for all threads, which can help to find Rules and entry points.
Types of Session

Depending on the location where a session is stored, there are three types of sessions.

  • Live Sessions
    • A live session is the most recent 5GB of diagnostic data for a System Profile and is stored on an AppMon Server. Each System Profile has one (and only one) live session. All PurePath sessions refer to live session data.
      Live sessions are continuously persisted and streamed to disk at 10-second intervals if Continuous Transaction Store is enabled in Server > Storage.
  • Stored Sessions
    • A stored session is a memory dump, a thread dump, a sampling, or a former PurePath session that is stored on the hard drive. Stored PurePath sessions also include time series data.
  • Offline Sessions
    • If a stored session is saved on the client machine, it is also called an offline session. The session can be accessed without connecting to an AppMon Server.

The Performance Warehouse database stores time series from both system monitoring such as CPU and memory usage, and PurePath timings. Data is stored at one-minute intervals at the highest resolution. Granularity is diminished at the medium (hour) and low (day) resolutions.