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About How to install the Java agent and WSAgent on same *nix OS.



This is Takunobu.

I want to install Java agent and WebServer agent on one *nix OS.
At that time, I want to make the installation location of the Java agent and WebServer agent the same place.

The Java agent and WebServer agent to be installed are ver6.5.

So please let me ask the following 2 questions.
*I am sorry if the question is already answered...

Q1. Please let me know how to install the same path.
Q2. I think so, if there is a common file such as,
I am worried that it will be overwritten.
Is it okay if common files are overwritten?

Best Regards,
Takunobu Atsukawa



You can install them to the same directory, it is not a problem.

Per default they will be installed to the same "agent" subdirectory in the dthome directory anyway.


Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your prompt answer.

I understood your answer.

Please let me know If you have a flow to install on Java Agent and Web Server Agent.

Best Regards,
Takunobu Atsukawa

You can do a "normal" installation. For the java agent:

java -jar dynatrace-agent-xxx-unix.jar

Then extract the webserver agent to the same directory with:

tar xvf dynatrace-wsagent-xxx.tar