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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

About collector cache clear on DT v6.5



This is Takunobu.

Please let me know about Collector cache clear.

In the server setting screen of dynatrace v 5.6, there was a cache clear button in the collector setting screen, but it does not exist in v6.5.
In v6.5, will the collector cache be cleared at the timing when the collector restart button in the collector setting screen is pushed?

Best Regards,
Takunobu .A


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Takunobu,

It is available in the client 'DEBUG' mode (Ctrl + Shift + F9).

Clearing Collector Caches

Automatic Collector Cache Clearance

To prevent the class cache from growing too large, the Collector performs a daily cleanup task. Classes that are not used for a week are purged from the cache.

Manual Collector Cache Clearance

When should I manually clear the class caches?
Clear a cache manually only when your class cache is corrupted and you must clear it immediately. To do so, select the Collector, and click the Clear Caches button below the Collector.



Hi @Babar Q.,

You are mentioned "Clear a cache manually only when your class cache is corrupted", How we know when the class cache is corrupted?

Why the automatic collector cache clearance is not working? how to verify it?



Hello All,

I tried clearing the cache in debug mode which did not work. Is there any other option or specific way to clear the collector cache?



We are using DT AppMon v 7.1 and the collector cache has chewed up 98% file system on the server. Is there a way to clear this up without any impact?

Any suggestions?