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About sensor pack of system profile constituted by migration.


This is Takunobu.

Currently, we are transitioning from v5.6 to v6.5.
On the v5.6 system profile (WebSphere Applicatoin Server)
The sensor pack had the following sensor packs.
Sensor Pack: App
Category: Memory

However, if We create a new system profile in v6.5
I think that this sensor pack (App / Memory) does not exist.
For example, a system profile for JBoss.

Even at the migration destination, sensor packs configured by Migration Can you use it without problems? Do not invalidate, Migration is done Should I keep it as configured?

Do sensor packs configured by Migration can be used without problems at the migration destination? Or do they need to be invalidated?

Best Regards,


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Takunobu,

The "app" sensor groups are created automatically just as a convenience. You do not need to worry about the migrated "app" memory sensor not working, as "app" is just the name of it, and it will work the same regardless of the name.

Personally, I avoid using any of the "app" sensors, and instead give my sensor groups meaningful names (usually based on the agent group where they are to be placed). I find the "app" names too generic, and tend to delete them from my system profiles.