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Access to "Linked Dashboard" in Incident Plugin


I'm writing a Plugin to send appmon incidents to a event console (ZIS).

We wan't to display a link to a relevant dashboard in the alert message. Is it possible to access the "linked dashboard", which is defined when creating the incident, from within the Plugin?

The name of the Dashboard would be enough to create a link to the equivalent in the Web Interface.

Maybe there's another way I'm not seeing at the moment.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Patrick

To get the name of the linked dashboard you may try:


This is in use at the Slack Chat Plugin. and can be seen here:

(which is a slighter modified version from the Slack Chat plugin).

Let me know whether that helps you!

Great, Thanks! Hope this is the linked dashboard from the dashboard tab and not a variable named linked dashboard. Will try and post the results 🙂

This does not seem to pull the data from the "linked dashboard" tab, but from the plugin conifg. It always returns null for me.


I'm getting the same result as Patrick. It appears that I'd need to provide the linked dashboard as a configuration parameter to my plugin. It would be great if 'linkedDashboard' was always passed in the plugin environment whenever a linked dashboard was specified in the Linked Dashboard tab,


As it looks like this isn't possible yet I opened an RFE.