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Accessor Object Different


So I have added a sensor to a class called:"gw.plugin.messaging.MessageTransport"

And captured the arguments put into a function on this class called "send" and added the accessor "EventName", but this is failing and shows the error "accessor failed" in the purepath. I found this odd as this class has this value on it... I have turned on debug mode and gathered this error in my applications console: "

Error while evaluating accessor chain: Did not find method EventName on object of type com.guidewire.ab.domain.messaging.impl.MessageCoreExtImpl"

Notice this is a different class, any idea what is happening here?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


The accessor you specify is for a method on that class, not a member variable. So is there any methods on that class that would return the EventName string? Use that instead. You might have to use a nested sequence of accessors. For example, if that object has a getEvent() method that returns the whole event and all you want is the name of the event, you could specify to AppMon the accessor getEvent().getName(), assuming there's a getName() on the Event object.


joe hoffman