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Add start time to User Action Business Transaction

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor


I've just created a BT which works fine, but all I have left to do is to add the Start Time for every entry.

This is the BT that I have so far:

Which is OK, but still not now how to attached the Start Time, is this actually possible?

Thank you so much!




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Miguel,

Business Transactions are aggregations of multiple PP/UA/Visits together and adding a start time does not make a whole lot of sense here (e.g.: if you have 10 items for your splitting, which start time do you visualize?).

As a first option, the Business Transaction Feed does export an entry for each item in a BT and does include the timestamp and also a PurePath reference.

Second option, if you are dead set on this, is to find something on the PurePath that would have the start time in. In a lot of cases you can find a Date field on the response header.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Kristof R.,

Thanks for answering 🙂

I actually like the idea of the Business Transaction Feed, but this is a huge account and the security level is really high, so it is kind of complicated to do it right now. We will eventually start a project with PureLytics, but right now this is not the best option for this scenario.

I was trying to get the start time from the PurePath's response header. But this is an User Action Purepath, so it is created by the JavaScript agent (please correct me if I'm wrong), and that agent can't be instrumented to capture response headers, right?

Is there any way to capture this from a User Action PurePath? (the Start Time)

Hi Miguel,

It doesn't have to be from the User Action, you can also capture the data further down stream on for example the server side web request.

I don't believe there is a way to capture the Start Time from the User Action itself.


Hi Kristof.

Drilling down is not a valid option, since the final objective of this is to create a CSV report with the following data:


Being the bold ones crutial. Right now I have a BT with everything but the StartTime, so I don't really know if it is actually possible to achieve this.


Hi Miguel,

Who said anything about drilling down :-)?

I am saying that you can get the start time of the user action perhaps as a response header of the server side web request. As you know, you can use these values inside your PP based BT.

If you do not have this value on the response header or another place where you can extract it with a measure, it is indeed not possible.

But look at the Date response header of the web request, most likely it will be there...


True. But as we are interested in splitting by the name of User Actions, a PP based BT is not possible in this case (we need to use User Action based). Anyway, we are going to focus on the PureLytics approach or the Visits Dashlet.

Thank you!!


Hi Miguel.

What I was suggesting was using PP information on a UA based BT.

With the following hierarchy for BTs: Visit -> User Action -> Server Side PurePath

You can use information "downstream" on your BT for splitting, filtering and result measures. This means that on a User Action based BT you can use PP based info.

Think of the following easyTravel example: Give me all the visits that had a successful login. You would set the scope to visit and filter based on the return value of a method that is on the PP.

This is what I was suggesting here as well: give all the user actions and split by a http response header value.

In any case, PureLytics Stream will achieve this as well :-).