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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Adding Agent in easyTravel Training


I have easyTravel up and running, along with AppMon 6.5 trial. When importing the System Profile everything works well. However, I am trying to do the training. More specifically, I have started easyTravel Training along side AppMon (after deleting the necessary files and System Profile or from a fresh install) and all is running without problems.

The issue however, is when adding the agent and I need to add the "agent" location to the app (i.e., the part that conveniently provides the "Copy to Clipboard" button). I cannot figure out where I need to do this. I cannot fine a file, and it appears that when starting easyTravel (non-Training) it injects the necessary parameters on start up depending on the scenario being run (I am simply looking at Production-Standard).

Looking through the source bundle, I have found the configuration file that might support my hypothesis, but looks like it is incorporated during compilation of easyTravel (although I am no Java developer).

I am sure I am missing something simple here, and would greatly appreciate any guidance so I can continue with the self training.

On a side note, I did try the Dynatrace based OneAgent through the SaaS trial and it installed and injected itself and saw everything beautifully with nothing more than an install! Makes the AppMon a little more frustrating, but provides me hope this can be done.



I just wanted to post an update in case others have a similar question. I finally found the location on Windows at:

C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\easyTravel (x64)\resouces\

The properties to configure include: config.frontendJavaopts, config.backendJavaopts, and config.creditCardAuthorizationEnvArgs.