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Adding a varbind in SNMP Action plugin



I had a requirement to add an additional varbind in to SNMP Action plugin.


I have created an eclipse Java project and added the source files for the Dynatrace SNMP Pluging. Added the dependent jar files and added the necessary code for additional varbind. I am able to run the application successfully. Then I created the jar file using File–>Export to Jar. 

When I am trying to deploy this as a plug-in, I am getting "The bundle 'TestPlugin.jar' is invalid".

Can any one of you have any idea what could be the problem in this plugin jar file. Anything to do with signjar ?

Thanks a lot in advance.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

My guess is your jar does not follow the conventions required by the plugin framework.  For example, the plugin.xml file might not be present, or the MANIFEST.MF might be missing required entries.  Did you use the Plugin Development tab?

Here is the documentaton:  Developing a User Plugin


Hi, I am suffering from the same problem...However my jar is just a very slightly edited version of an already published plugin (
My MAINIFEST/PLUGIN.XML are identical to the working plugin, but i still get the invalid bundle error.

Was there a resolution found to this? Was it just the manifest in your case?

Is there anyway to get more detail on the invalid bundle error? I cant find anything logged on the /client/server/collector.

Many thanks


Are you running the plugin outside of the dynatrace solution? The way you test your changes is to make appropriate changes in your code in Eclipse. Once done, in dynatrace client, Settings->dynatrace server->Plugin. Under development tab, open your plugin, build it there and test it. Don't run the plugin outside of the dynatrace solution.


Hi Asad, Thanks for that, I realised it myself about 2 hours ago. I've been searching my internet history to try and come back and update this thread with exactly your comments.

Thanks again.

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