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Additional Legend in Memory Charts of JVM

If I am not mistaken, this fourth legend seems to only appear after I upgraded to AppMon 7. (can't remember exactly though)

Anyway, that isn't the main thing. Main question is: If there are 4 legends of the chart then why I only see 3 of them when I hovered my mouse over to the chart?

And also, what is the difference between the 3rd legend and 4th legend? (Since they are both named "GC time")



Hello Wai,

The below screenshot is for your reference where you can see that there are two types of times for the GC.

One is for the Major and second one is for the Minor.

I just hovered the minor which is light blue line to show you the copy time and the long dark line is for the major.



Thanks Babar, for the answer.

Hm....when there're 4 legends, still all of them are in blue color. Make me kinda feels like color-blinded.

So just asking this out-of-curiosity, did you see two types of GC times in older AppMOn? or just one? (if you remember)

Hello Wai,

In the AppMon 6.5 the minor was also available and only the colour scheme was different than the AppMon 7.0



Hm....I must've overlooked it somehow.