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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

After applying Fixpack, Is it mandatory to restart all agents?



After applying Fixpack is it mandatory to restart all agents in environment or even if I do not restart do they still report data ?




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

They'll still report data back fine - they just won't get the latest update until restarted. It's perfectly fine to wait for a scheduled restart of the application/agents.


Thanks James. And all the new features of update will be available only after all agents are restarted right?

Most updates are just for performance and bug fixes (unlike major upgrades) so not big features are normally in updates but you'll still have those changes for the collectors and server active even if the agents are not restarted. Only changes affecting the agents themselves won't be applied until they are restarted.

So if there is a collector bug that is fixed in an update that will go into effect after the collector is restarted regardless of whether the agents is restarted and updated.

When you say 'changes affecting the agents' how do I know if update whether it really affects agents? So that I can know if restart is really required for them(like web server agents).

@RAJANIKANTH A. also if the agents are uem then also you need to start so that the data is captured properly .

other than that as told by @James K.

Each update has a release notes attached that will detail what changes went in place and is broken down by components so you can see if the agents received significant changes. Any critical or high importance ones are highlighted at the top. These can be found for any update on the downloads page. Here is an example of one: