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Agent Group Name


If we have two agent group under the same system profile, easyTravel_App and easy Travel_AppIIS. And we set the name settings in the System Profile Preferences as "starts" with "easyTravel_App" and "starts" with "easyTravel_AppIIS". Say if we have a agent name easyTravel_AppIIS[1]@servername. Which agent group it will belong to? Also it we do "Equals" in the settings, the agent names in the agent overview dashlet will automatically append the technology type and supplementary data at the end of the actual agent group name, does that count in the "equals" settings? For example, if we set "equals" to "easyTravel_AppIIS", and an agent name is like "easyTravel_AppIIS[Apache2.2]@servername", would that fall into the bucket of "easyTravel_AppIIS" still?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The Agents get assigned to groups in a first matching approach. So whichever is the first agent group to have a matching rule.

The only part of the agent name which matters for matching is the name string you specify. The appended strings are not part of the name from a matching perspective.