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Agent Mapping from three application


Hi All,

I have three web applications on one host. one is on Tomcat, others on JBOSS. They all talk with each other from login to logout. Is there a way i can see or configure to map agents so i can see purepaths from all three of them in one place ?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

What do you mean by in one place? If you map all of them to one system profile and just define an agent group for each logical tier then they will all show up in that system profile and you should seem the talking to each other, nothing else is needed and this seems like the configuration you would want. To separate them to some extent logically you can define 'applications' in the system profile that will group them based on things such as the hostname or a url pattern as well.


@James K.

Thanks for the response. I am new to DT and still learning the concepts. Since one of my application is in tomcat I have created a separate system profile for it and a separate one for Jboss. Now since I have already created the system profile for both of them, it is possible to add the tomcat agent to jboss ?


Hello Amit,

As @James K. already gave you the basic concept about agent groups, so now you do one thing that choose one of the system profile to keep and other to remove.

Before removing the system profile create another agents group in the system profile which you will keep e.g. for the Jboss application and then add the agent names into that group.

Now restart your Jboss application to map the agents with the new system profile, so once you have done withis exercise then you can create a logical applications.

Follow the instructions from the following link for using logical applications.




@Babar Q. @James K.

Thanks for your suggestion. I now can see PurePath from all three agents.