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Agent breakdown for a system profile in 7.1 client


1) Where is the Agent breakdown link for a system profile in 7.1 Client?
I see every system profile has an agent breakdown in 6.5 client.
Is this removed in 7.1?
Or did I overlook? Can you please let me know where I can see it?

2) How to start self monitoring process on dynatrace 7.1 server?


Hi Saranya,

I believe you might of missed it, the screenshot below shows where you can find the Agent Breakdown in 7.1.

Just under Dashlets > Performance Analysis

As for the self-monitoring I believe it is OOTB activated and you can view the different incident rules via the dynaTrace Self-monitoring system profile.



Hi Saranya, Just confirming you were able to find the Agent Breakdown? and understand how the self momitoring process works.




Hi @Mo K,

Thankyou for the response , I got the agent breakdown under dashlets. 🙂

And regarding self monitoring process , is there a way to start it manually on the server OR via the client?

Coz I noticed on our 6.5 server the process was running , but I'm not sure how to enable it on the 7.1 server

When you install 7.1 it automatically starts to monitor itself OOTB so there is no need to start it.

If you got to your system profiles you will find the profile for dynaTrace Self-monitoring. in This system profile you can see all the measures and Incidents being monitored.

If you also look into your Tasks and Monitors you can find additional information on the self-monitoring.