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Agent calling one method


Hi all,

how can I get the agent who is calling one method from another agent? I try to explain what I want: I want one BT with the call to one method splitting by caller agent, so my result for the TX Flow attached should be "TSB_UAT_ATM_atm-online-deposit@xcanhaeam001:11699" because the monitored method is called by this agent but the pp are initiated by the "TSB_UAT_ATM_Zuul@xcanhaeam001".

I've created one BT with the invocations to the monitored method and now I want to split this BT by the calling agent, is that possible?

My customer wants to know this to perform architecture validations, the calls to this method are forbidden and he wants to know who is breaking this rule.

Thanks in advance!



You can accomplish what you're looking for by filtering the Methods dashlet by your BT (or putting the methods dashlet on a dashboard that is filtered by your BT)

Please let me know if that helps

Rick B