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Agent error



Does anybody see this agent message?

Instrumentation disabled because class data sharing (CDS) is enabled for the JVM. Please add -Xshare:off to your application command line to disable CDS and allow instrumentation. CDS may be enabled due to a bug in this JVM version, please refer to the OpenJDK bug JDK-8212200

I have added the -Xshare:off but the message stays the same,

KR Henk


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You might try deleting the local shared archive file from that JVM that was created by the last execution. It's located at jre/lib/[arch]/client/classes.jsa or jre/bin/[client or server]/classes.jsa.

I would ensure that there are no running instances of JREs from that JRE installation instance prior to trying to delete the .jsa file.

If this does not help, I suggest you open a support case.

Be aware that AppMon is approaching EOL. I trust you have a transition plan in place to move to the newer Dynatrace solution.


No files where found, restarting the host worked!

Thanks for your advise!

KR Henk