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Agent mapping generic to concrete


Hi all,

I've several agents connected to a one Agent Group with one regexp mapping.

Now i want to create one specific Agent Group for one of the agents in the generic group, so how can I do that? Maybe specifying any exclusion rule in the generic group to avoid one ambiguous mapping?

The group for the specific agent cold be concrete with the full name of the agent.

To clarify, my generic group has one regexp mapping with


and my specific group have to have the agent with this name (actually in the generic group):


Thanks in advance!


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Josef, There is no explicit exclude in the mapping rules, however you could create an exclusion condition in your RegEx.
Also consider using the AgentHost field to better control your mapping.

You might also want to play with the order of the AgentGroups. As I recall it is a first-find algorithm so more restrictive agentGroups should be first. You might want to play with this to confirm the behavior.

Hi Joseph,

mmm, interesting, I will play with the order of the AgentGroups putting the more restrictive the first.