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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Agent name format show in Agents Overview


Hello Support Team,

I have a question about agent name show in Agents Overview.

I found there is a name be included in "[ ]", some show number, some show text. 

It seems auto add, not config in agentpath.

What is the text in "[ ]" mean?


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

These could be node IDs when you are running e.g. in a websphere cluster.

Numbers indicate that there are two agents with the same name registered. then we add these as index to distinguish them

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Hi Reinhard

Thank you for your detailed explanation.



Hi Reinhard

We also seeing same behavior however we don't want to include node id into agent name Is it possible to not include node id ? We just want to have same name as defined in the java argument. Thanks.

We had this same desire at one of my customer site's and their is a parameter within your collector your can add to remove this. The Parameter is


and the support ticket I'm referring to is SUPDT-14426. I would suggest opening up a ticket just so you get an official word from support.



I checked collector ini file and I see that parameter is already exists.

I assumed this parameter is for adding index to the agent name if two agents registered with same name.

Yup, it's so you can differentiate multiple instances of an agent. By default, Dynatrace add's the indexing to know if multiple spawns of an agent are created.

I removed this parameter in the collector ini file (


) but it is same behavior.

Add this line to the dtcollector.ini file, located in the <DT_HOME> directory


This line needs to be added with the the other -D parameters, above the -server line

Also make sure this is pertaining to the collector's that the agents you are interested in are pointing to.


That parameter has already exists in the collector ini file.

Attached is the collector ini file for your reference.


# Manual changes in this file, except changes that are related to memory allocation, may cause severe problems and system instability.

# Apply manual changes only if you have explicit instructions from dynaTrace Support.




















-Dosgi.bundles=org.eclipse.equinox.common@2:start, org.eclipse.update.configurator@3:start, com.dynatrace.diagnostics.collectorbootstrap@4:start











I believe that was added manually by somebody on your side Sathish.

I also believe that parameter needs to be above the -Server command(I'm presuming that anything after that will not be included in startup). Try putting that after the dcom.dynatrace.diagnostics. line and see if you get any success via that.



I moved that parameter after diagnostics and restarted server, collector and agent. It is same behavior as same.

Hey Satish,

At this point, I'd suggest opening up a support case and referencing SUPDT-14426. It seems as though a bug might be present if the flag isn't working.