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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Agents OK but No Transaction Flow or PurePath metrics


We configured IIS & .Net App Pools and Agents Status looks OK but don't see any data in Transaction Flow / PurePath charts.

For DotNet pool we seeing Application Server was detected: False




If the agents are reporting OK -- and there is nothing reported when you open up the details pane of each one -- then you're probably into an area where it has to be something odd.

Are you sure you're sending traffic through the web server and worker process(es) you have instrumented? If necessary, you can change the rule in the Agent Configuration for .NET tool so that *any* worker process will be instrumented. (You do this by leaving the command line field blank.)

Is it possible that a load balancer or other appliance is directing all traffic to other systems.

For the web server, do you see both the primary and secondary agents in the Agents Overview dashboard -- you should see two entries for each IIS system.

In the agents overview, check the System Profile, Agent Mapping and Agent Group columns to make sure that the agents are connecting to the profile and group you're expecting.

I know this sounds silly, but I promise you I've done it at least once -- are you looking at the right system profile? Are the system profile and agent groups active? (Each of them have check boxes that can be cleared to inactivate them.)

Also, since Windows should also be suspected in this sort of case, you should reboot the application server if you get the chance.

-- Graeme


@Uzair H.Please check the warnings, it happened with me once, the issue was that the dynatrace client and the agents on the application being monitored were on different network, which caused the instrumentation to be disabled, Then we deployed the dynatrace collector,client,server in the same network as the application being monitored and things started working out.


try to see the warnings shown in the client window at bottom right side, it may be that the network latency is causing the instrumentation to be disabled, if this is the case, then you will have to setup the dynatrace in local application environment.

Are you sure this will works? because I am facing the same issue right now


I have a similar problem with an Java Agent.
Status of agent is OK and I can see metrics of JVM and Server (CPU/RAM) but no transaction flow.

After cheking Tomcat's access log, I can see activity on application but nothing in Dynatrace AppMon server or Dynatrace DashbordWeb.

Any idea ?

Hi @nicolas R.

Please check in User Experience configuration on system profile configuration, make suer don't disable default application monitoring, it's seems difined application is only based on web request url on web server, and application tier/ backend tier is still on default application.

So when default application disabled, in my defined application purepath only shown transaction data on webserver only, and Server Performance only for applicatio/backend tier.

Hope you follow my instruction and see if it's works.