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Agents That Belongs to Other System Profile Showed Up in 'Status Overview'

I was helping to configure alerts and dashboard at another partner's client site (which I didn't help with their setup of AppMon) and came across this weird thing. So I am actually asking this out of curiosity.

By right when I go to Status Overview of a system profile, I should only see agents belongs to that system profile (In this case MI_CLICK_TEST). But as shown in the screenshot I uploaded here, I can see other agents as well (TPC_TEST_*).

My question is:

Why's that? I mean, even if other agents somehow showed up incorrectly, why only these? (as we have many other agents here as well for example TPC_PROD_*, TPC_DEV_*)

At first glance, it might seems that it is because they all connected to the same collector and thus, causing them to incorrectly showed up. But then I looked at status overview of another system profile (which I forgot to take a screenshot of, before I leave the client site 😛 ), there actually are other agents that connected to different collector that incorrectly showed up too.

What could possibly causing this? I look at their version, bootstrap version, license/connection status, collector, system profile etc. No pattern could be found. The only consistent things when I compare status overview across all the system profiles is that, the incorrect agents are all not connected anymore (hence, show empty value under the column of system profile).


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Wai,

The reason those agents show up are because they are not currently mapped to an existing system profile. If you expand the License column, you will see them say "skipped by license check; Agent did not match system profile". Because those agents are not mapped to any system profile, they will show up in the Status Overview for all existing profiles. Fix the mapping of those agents and you will not see them anymore.



Great Insight here, Ari! Had this happen a few times!

Thanks Ari,

Now that makes sense, I am wondering is there button like 'show/hide offline agent' that can make these kind of agents won't show up and make the overview looks...cleaner?

Wai Keat

That button only applies to agents that are disconnected. You will need to map those agents to their right profile to truly get "rid" of them in other overview tabs.

ok, thanks