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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Agents connected but no pure path and transaction flow details -V6.5


We instrumented java agent in WAS server. We see purepaths till 3 days before but now cannot see purepaths & transaction flow details now through the client.

In the server side log, we see the message:

WARNING [DefaultSessionDeleter] unexpected session size (0) for session StoredSession[systemId=Agent/<date>105937_0.visits](state:finished) detected.

In the agent side log, we see the message

Timestamp [b8ff9826]
info [native] License = license ok; no uem volume available;

Timestamp [477f9826]
warning [java ] Retrieving stats array for module: 'beanModule' returned
null. This may be caused by a not yet initialized module. If subscriptions for
this module do not provide data after initialization, please check module path.

Below sensors are showing below:

Servlets Sensor Pack - active and start PurePaths

Java Web Services - active and start PurePaths

Java Web Requests - active


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Ram,

What is the situation of Session Storage?

Open the Dynatrace Server Settings from the Dynatrace Client and select the Storage from the right side.

Total Quota Lower Limit With Reservations

This can be no lower than 50 GB, for reasons stated above.

Total Quota Lower Limit Without Reservations

The smallest number you can enter for total storage is 20 GB, but you must ensure that other processes don't consume system disk space, which could reduce the amount of total storage to less than the specified amount.
If you consider that the AppMon Server always keeps 5 GB free (or 1 GB in demo/trial settings) and sessions can be as large as 5 GB (depending on the AppMon sizing), it would not make much sense to allow a lower value.

Have a look on the below link for more understanding about the session storage.