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Agents gets an index after reboot




We observe that after a few restarts of our Tomcats, the agents receive an index. This is indeed usually the case when more than one agent is running on a server, but does not apply here.

The problem is that the server can not assign the historical data to the new agent and it is getting a bit hard to filter on this data. 

How can this happen?

Is the boot perhaps too "fast", so that the old agent is not logged off while the new logs on already?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jan,

Your assumption is correct, the reason for this index getting added is that the old agent is still registered with the server and has not timed out yet. I have seen this happening at a number of customers, the easy fix is to turn of them automatic adding of an index. Check the documentation for the collector setting -

Best, Roman


Hi Roman,

this looks good. I will test this.




how are you shutting down the JVM/Agent. If it is shut down properly it should also unregister properly and thus no "indexed" new agent should be registered. However if you just kill the JVM this can happen and the "old" agent needs to timeout on the server to avoid a indexed name.



Hi Reinhard,

we are using an automatic procedure, which kills the process, when it doesn't come down in three minutes.

When I got things right, we have a few possibilites:

  1. Avoid Kill
  2. Delay between kill and start. How long is the timeout of the dT-agent?
  3. Use the configuration in the dtcollector.ini-file. What will happen, when we kill the process and the new agent tries to connect, while the old one hasn't timed out? Will there be an ambigous agent mapping and the new agent won't get a license?



Hi Jan,

For #3 you don't have to worry because the startup instrumentation will still occur without a license, and once it does acquire a license (i.e. when the old agent times out after a moment) it will work as expected.

I think your best options are #1 and #3 together. As Richard stated reconnecting the agent will seamlessly replace the old (dead) agent.

A hard-kill should IMO always be avoided if possible. I think the timeout is 1 minute for #2.