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Alert for Execution time per transaction parameter



In the below Transaction flow image, I want to send an alert for an agent when the "execution time per transaction" > 150ms or when "Transaction response time contribution" is > 15%. I didn't find a measure to set these alerts.

Can someone please help me find a way to set alerts for these?



Have a look at this monitor plugin. It creates metrics for time per agent, agent group, or technology which you can then use to create alerts.

Hi @Daniel P.,

Thank you for the response. Went through the plugin page. The issue is that the plugin you mentioned doesn't offer the exact measures I want to create alerts on.

Response Time
Execution Time


Execution time per transaction

Transaction response time contribution



Daniel can correct me if I'm wrong as he authored this plugin, but there aren't actually measures for what you are referring to. These are calculated I believe on for display on the transaction flow dashboard. This plugin looks to query the transaction flow to return these values as measures that can be used like any other, it is just the names that are different.

You are absolutely correct James. The metrics are the same as the ones on the Transaction flow. The plugin simply queries that data and stores it in measures.

The plugin does currently now show the contribution percentage but I can have a look how much code change would be needed.

Hi @Daniel P.,

That's awesome. I am trying to setup the plugin at the moment to test it out. Is there a way I can contact you if I have problems while setting up.



Thanks a lot Daniel. Appreciate it.

@Daniel P.,

Emailed you a query. Thank you again.