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Alert for all public Methods of Classes with specific Annotation


We have the need to monitor the performance of a lot of Methods which are changing very fast (new ones are added, old ones are deleted,....).

It is easy with Dynatrace to set sensors for those methods. We used Annotations to identify the Class

and are monitoring all public methods of those classes.

But what we really need are alerts for those methods if they exceed some baseline, is there some way to achieve that goal?






You can't use annotations to create a measure to do what you want, but you can use regular expressions that match on the class name and/or method name (e.g., in the Methods - Time measure). For example, you can use OR as in the regular expression: "thisMethod|thatMethod|otherMethod".

Also, if you define a measure on, say "javax.ejb.*", that measure will really only "see" the measures that have sensors set. Does that make sense? The fact that the measure potentially matches more classes / methods than the sensor is irrelevant.

-- Graeme

Hi @Graeme Williams,

Thank you for the answer.

But if i do it like this, I will loose the information which method exceeded the limit right? I will only get the information that one of those methods exceeded.




You won't lose any data that you had in the first place. For example, the Methods dashlet always knows the exact method name, count and execution time. So depending on your exact scenario you can probably get what you want by drilling down to the Methods dashlet, or filtering it.

-- Graeme

Hi Graeme,

Sorry for the late Reply, but I have overseen the notification mail.

Drilling down the dashlet might work, but what we need are alerts for methods taking longer than let's say 4 seconds. That is not possible right?


You can create an alert for any method(s) in a package that take longer than a specified threshold but you won't see the exact method name in the alert email. To see the exact method(s), you'd have to drill down from the alert email to the Methods dashlet.


Well, the chance to create a BT than as filter takes the purepaths that execute at least one of thos methods, and split by the method name, is there! You can create an alert based on those (time, count...)