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Alert on BT spliting



I have a method for one of my monitored applications that acess a bank external service on the cloud. We have no agents on the cloud.. Based on the return value of the monitored method, I can understand what happened.

So I made a BT filtering by this method and spliting by its return values. Everything is working fine, but now I need to create alerts for each of the splitings. Like:

If the return code 507 happend more than 5 times on the last 10 minutos, I should alert, rule is diferrent for each of the splitings.

Is there a way of configuring the alert based on this BT or should I create a BT (or maybe a measure) for each of the return codes? There are almost 100 possible return codes. Right now I am trying to understand if this makes sense based on the applicatoin behavior (configured BT just now) and depending on the results I will try to convince my customer of a different approach.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

From what I am aware of, there is no way to have different thresholds for each different splittings, just the same threshold for all splittings.

I guess in that case you will need to create a different BT/measure for each alert needed.

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