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Alert on WebService only Time via business transaction


Hi All,

Is there way to create a business transaction(BT) to calculate webService response time only? Eventually we want to choose this BT for monitoring under an application with static/dynamic baselines.

Currently we have created a business transaction that filters on certain web services endpoint and splits on the endpoint. We want to create alerts on response times each of these web services.
Aggregation chosen for filter and 'Calculate results' is last.

The count of the webServices through BT matches the count in out of the box(oob) WebServices dashlet, however, response times are higher in BT results than shown in oob dashlet. Looks like our BT is calculating the average response time of individual purepaths(PP) not for only webServices nodes of PP.. We have also tried calculating 'Web Services - Time' under results of our BT.

OOB BT 'WebServices by method' also results the same.

Bottom line: How do I create alerts for response times and failures shown in oob webServices dashlet.

As we have many Webservices, we want to use OOB monitoring using static/dynamic baselines.

Attached are the snapshots for reference.

Not sure how do we manage alerting for webServices as shown in oob Webservices dashlet.





Business transaction on web request or web service is not possible now, please vote this RFE if you like


Thanks Sreerag!

Its strange that we are able to see precise response times for WebServices on OOB WebService dashlet, but not being able to create incidents on the response times.

I have voted for the RFE.