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All user actions are not counted in Business Transactions


Hi Team,

I have created simple BT with the user actions.

1. created measure for one user action eg: click on "OPEN"

2. created BT using that measure very simply. no AND , OR conditions used.

When I see BT count it is 5, but when I see that measures using measures chart separately

I could see so 10 to 15 times that particular user actions has been happened.Measures have been captured. But the same count is not coming in BT. (shows measures in chart from BT dashboard , could see some measures missing)

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M


Did you try using some timeframe from the past for comparision? Np from hour ago. BT is calculating for ended session as I remember.


HI @sebastian k.

Thanks for the reply. I am calculating for the past time frames also.

choosing some 20 mins time before 2 days. But BT Count is always less.

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M

Try change in BT aggregation to sum. Only Idea I have so far.

Hi @sebastian k.

Thanks for the suggestion. But made it sum before 2 days. It is also not giving exact count.


Karthikayini M

Only Idea I have is that BT is somehow filtering out some visits from calculation. As I understand you don't have any filter in this BT? Only calculation, yes? Question is if youser can make such action multiple times during session? Maybe you are calculating number of visits that had this execution, not number of executions?