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Altering file path for Collector pid file

Hi all,

We have a user here that is running a collector under a non-root user and as a result the pid file is not being saved under /var/run. He does not want to change any permissions to allow the user running the collector instance to access /var/run. He was able to make a workaround by altering the init script to run the collector without the pid file, but wanted to know if there was an option in the dtcollector binary that would allow to save the pid file to a different directory like /var/run/dynatrace. Has anyone encountered this before and is it possible?



as far as I know, you cannot override the location of the .pid file. On most of the *.nix installations I worked on, the process couldn't write to /var/run anyway (it uses "ps" to find the process in this instance).