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Alternate or better way to capture count and response times using business transaction metrics or dynamic measure matrix?


I am trying to capture response time and counts for particular BTs in a tabular format. Is there a better way to capture these data dynamically in tabular format?

I tried by creating Dynatrace Business Transaction Metrics with filter of whichever BTs I want to include. I also tried using Dynamic Measure Matrix, is there a way to group by application using Dynamic Measure Matrix?


Hi Vashishtha,

Yes you can group measures by Application using the Dynamic Measure Matrix if the measure already has that splitting available. You will want to select the Grouping Menu in the upper right hand corner of the dashlet or right-click and select Grouping > Application.

I also recommend you look into the Business Transaction Hotspots dashlet for viewing multiple measures in a tabular format.


Thank you Dynatrace support, this answer is very much helpful.