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Anyone have experience sending Incident Alerts to ActiveMQ?


There is a desire at my client site to send incident level data to ActiveMQ which will forward the message to FogLight. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I initially hoped there to be an ActiveMQ Action plugins but I was unsuccessful in looking for it in the downloads section.

I looked at possible options and so far I have these options:

  1. Use the Generic Action Plugin to send the incident information through SOAP to ActiveMQ
    1. I have yet to use the Generic Action Plugin so this is an assumption
  2. Create a server side script in Python or another language and execute it via the Generic Action Plugin
    1. I have yet to use the Generic Action Plugin so this is an assumption
  3. Create an ActiveMQ Action Plugin within Dynatrace





Hi Saanj,

If you write a script then you can use the generic execution plugin to send whatever values Dynatrace captures to your script which could parse or send those values to Active MQ. That is how we use it to integrate to systems such as Tel Alert and BPPM. Basically whatever values you wish Dynatrace has around 157 I believe that it captures for incidents. You can send these to a script which will then forward to ActiveMQ. HTH