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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Anyone know how to monitor hp service manager (sm) backend ?


Hi , I managed to install the frontend agent (apache) with the msi and the change in the registry since(apache tomcat) is installed as a windows service. But for the other servers in the backend , there is no windows service and it seems that HP uses sm.exe to create the web server on its own . How can we instrument it ? I couldn't find any catalina config file nor windows service. All the infos I find here are about dynatrace fowarding ticket to sm but not really how to monitor sm itself .

Thanks a ton



Sorry brother; we tried to tackle this a few years ago and realized that the sm.exe is written in C and not available for ADK use. Like you, we were able to do UEM and the front end web/mobile server requests, some BT's and the change calendar product and the ConnectIT services, but the SM.exe was a no-go. Talk to your technical sales team about DC-RUM maybe? Maybe it can provide something of value.

I'd like to tout the value of appmon, though, especially on the connectIT servces; as we've been able to pinpoint resource constraints on many occasions due to instrumentation there.

Hi David - what did you do to make the connectIT services visible in APPMON?


Hi, I am starting a POC really soon and I am wondering if you tried adding the -agentpath option in the JVMOptionX in sm.cfg?

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FYI @Vu P.

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