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Apache SOLR Monitoring FastPack instrumentation


I want to instrument the solr plugin.  To use the plugin the information for the plugin advised  to add the dynaTrace agent to your JVM_OPTS when starting SOLR (use name=SOLR).

Has anyone instrumented this to get it to work and or saome who knows about the plugin to advise which file this needs to be added to and what the line should read as?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


Here is a snippet of an internal document that explains how to get SOLR instrumented with a dynaTrace Agent. I have admit that I have not worked with SOLR before so I hope this information makes sense to you. The basic necessary step is to get the -javaagent command line option on the JVM that runs SOLR. Here is the description of our internal document - let me know if this helps


To Run SOLR manually

In the apache-solr-3.3.0\apache-solr-3.3.0\example folder is start.jar that starts a SOLR instance.

Create a start.cmd in the same folder and include only following line:

java -agentpath:"C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 4.1.0\agent\lib64"\dtagent.dll=name=SOLR,server=localhost -jar start.jar

The solr Admin page is, by default, http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/

Port 8983 needs to be available.

The README.txt in the example directory shows how to add documents to the index.  There are a few modifications to do it in windows.

From the apache-solr-3.3.0\apache-solr-3.3.0\example\exampledocs directory run the following command:

java -jar post.jar *.xml

If the agent is mapped properly dynaTrace will provide good OOTB instrumetation, which of course can be enhanced

Hi Andreas,

What if we have a Websphere environment, so non-Windows, and we'd like to monitor a SOLR tier? What will the process be in that case?

Other than finding the right spot to put the agent string in, there will be required additional steps?




Thank you Andreas.  This is very helpful.  As you mention though this is a manual process to get the agent to detect solr, is there anything of a way to get it to start automatically, so upon a server reboot?

Well - how do you start SOLR right now? I assume there is some script file that you launch. Have a look at that script file and modify it by adding the -agentpath option.

All you really need to do - and that is true for ALL Java applications that you want to monitor with dynaTrace - is to get the agentpath option on the command line of the java process. Depending on the application you may already have pre configured script files that you can modify. If you start it through a service, e.g: on windows - then there is some batch file or exe that launches the whole thing.

fyi: I am sure there is some well documented way for SOLR on how to get additional parameters on the command line. If you google for "SOLR launch script" you find some more hints


I am running a PoC with a Hybris customer that is running Solr in the same JVM as the rest of Hybris.

I have installed the fastpack (sensor pack, bts and some dashboards).

The BT's measurement filter seems wrong in the version I am looking at, it looks for /solr/ but there is no such thing in this system. I see /solrfacetsearch/[customerspecific data]/select webrequests.

The sensor pack definitively instruments alot of executed methods so that seems still accurate.

To be honest, I dont know what to expect. Is the dashboards and all Solr stuff only about monitoring some filtered webrequests?


Hi Andi, if i just want the sensor packs but not the other stuff (Dashboard and system profile), how can i get it? i don't want to create another system profile..

Save the .dtp file to your hard drive. It is a zip file - so - just unzip it.Then "Import System Profile" through the client. Go to the Sensors Tab in the System Profile and copy the sensor rules you want (Ctrl+C). Now cancel out of the System Profile dialog which will prevent it from being saved on your system. You can then edit your own system profile and paste the previously copied Sensor Rules into your own set of rules


How can I map the SOLRs servers on Hybris?
I used the script what worked when we start manually, but now this script is not being called.
Is there other way to add the Agent Path?


Hi Andi,

I have tried Apache Solr 6.3 dtws Agent Integration with Dynatrace 7.2 using fastpack. Agent Is showing connected in Agent Overview but unable see any data no error in agent logs. Please help.