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App Mon Password Encryption

In order to keep with security policy we're attempting to automate the change of the built in admin password. We'd like to do this via the XML configuration file. In order to do this we need to know what encryption method App Mon uses and if there's an external utility for it.

Thanks in Advance.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Dan,

Due to security reasons I am afraid I am not able to provide you the hashing routines we are using.

Of course this use case is a valid request. We would like to fulfill it via a REST call, which changes the password. I'll add this to our backlog. Due the fact that we are already at the last sprints of our next release (May 2017), it can only plan it for the one after the next (fall 2017).

If you could file a product idea for this, you would be always up to date with the current status.

As a workaround you could change the admin password manually and then copy the "user.permissions.xml", so that you aren't running with the default admin password.