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AppMon 2018 Mobile ADK with Load Runner


Hi All,

I have two questions with respect to Load Runner integration with AppMon

1) 2+ seconds difference between Load Runner report and AppMon UEM.

We are running a load test for a mobile app instrumented by Appmon Mobile ADK using Load Runner (CTest). After execution when we compare the report generated by Load Runner and the visit details in AppMon we see 2+ seconds difference. When we manually clocked using stopwatch we the difference is in the rendering portion. So do we have any metrics that we can see to match it like the metrics "Visually Complete" we have for Web Application in Mobile ADK. Or Please provide any suggestion to see if it can seen other way. Also we are using Auto Instrumentation for IOS.

2) Converting Mobile Simulation Load Runner script using Load Runner script converter

When we try to convert a Mobile Simulation Load Runner Script we don't see X-dynatrace header is getting injected into the script as the Load Runner script is written to perform user action in the mobile app. Do we have a way to inject the X-Dynatrace Header to name the transaction similar to load runner overriding the user action name shown in dynatrace so we can straight away match the transaction and response time.

Thanks in Advance