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AppMon 6.3 - Client errors - WARNING - Action timed out! Readystate: 4, xhr url:



Recently the business added a Adobe Tag Manager to our transaction site and started to configure Adobe products: Analytics, Campaign and Target. Since then we've seen a large volume of JavaScript Warnings in the Client errors report in 6.3 client. Message of the content of one of the errors:

Action timed out! Readystate: 4, xhr url: h**ps://, status: 200

Looking at the user-agent they seem to always originate from real IP's and near on always Apple devices?

Can anyone shed any light on what this JS Warning is please?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Dan

Any chance you can export such a Visit and attach it to this forum post?


Hi Andi,

I am also seeing a fair number of "action timed out! readystate: 4" client Javascript errors in completely different instrumented applications. The User Actions PurePaths they are part of are usually right around 180 seconds long. I attached two sample visits to this comment. The readystate errors are in the last one or two actions of each visit. DT version 6.3.9. Kind Regards,




Sorry for the late reply. Havent had a chance to look at this. On which DT Version are you? If you are not yet on the latest update it woudl be great to update first and see if thisproblem is still there

No problem, I completely understand. Right now we are on DT 6.3.9, so not the latest version. We plan to move to latest update of 6.3 in the next few weeks, but 6.5 could be a month or two out.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hey Jake

Is this issue still open on your side?

Hi Andi,

Yes, but we are still on AppMon 6.3.9. The update to AM 6.3.19 is scheduled for Feb 27th, so I will comment back here if we are still seeing the issue after that point.


Hello, any solution to this? We have same timeouts on different sites of an web appliaction. DT version 7.2.