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AppMon 6.5 - Extended Email Plugin is not sending emails


We are trying to use the Extended Email Plugin with AppMon 6.5 with the Application Process Unavailable (unexpected) incident alert. We are hoping to use the plug in to send emails to our Middleware team who are interested only in certain agent groups. We have yet to receive emails from the plug in even though the regular email alert for the same incident successfully sends. Please review the config in the attached Word doc and let me know if we are missing anything. We have studied the online documentation for the plugin. 7-19-extended-email-plugin.docx


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


I don't know why this is happening, but a few things to try:

- Remove the AgentGroups specification to see if this is causing nothing to go.

- Check the plugin log file to determine if any useful error messages are being logged. This log file is located on the host where the plugin executes, likely the DTSERVER host.

- Perhaps your SMTP Server requires SSL or STARTTLS?

- Are you sure port 25 is the listen port for your SMTP server? For example, if you're using Googles SMTP Server, it does not listen on 25.




Like Joe said, please attach the plugin logs, this can be found in System information, probably in the server logs. This will help.

Also I think you need to put something in the identity string field (second field) if I remember correctly this field being empty can cause issues.


Jacob P.


Hmmm Fastlane wasn't a match on my Agent group filter. Maybe I just need to be patient and wait a few more days for match.