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AppMon 6.5 - Monitoring the AppMon services for up/down status


Good day all,

Our enterprise uses AppMon to monitor applications and all is working as expected. In order to keep the monitors online and ensure proper data capture, we'd like to ask: What's a good method to monitor the AppMon services itself to check for Up / Down status, or a failed to restart status from server reboots? Our enterprise uses a number of monitoring tools (HP Site Scope, Microsoft SCOM, etc) and can detect physical server up/down, but the AppMon services them selves; how to check to see of those services are online and running properly? We are looking for a passive way to perform this check and alert admins in the event of an issue. Dashboards are good, but only if someone is looking at them.

Is there an WebService API call to AppMon which can return a status?

I look forward to any responses.