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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon 6.5 Release - Feedback

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Please add your comment/feedback on the Application Monitoring and UEM 6.5 release (September 2016).



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

We upgraded our platform from 6.3 to 6.5. One thing I would like to note is, after the upgrade, the database agents for SQL Server and Oracle stopped working. We had to re-enter the passwords for each instance monitored, (about 50 in all) to re-enable the monitoring. It would be nice to see in future major releases, that we streamline this.


Hi Biken - thanks for the info! Can you open a support ticket to report this issue, so that the team can have a better look at the issue? Feel free to copy the SUPDT ticket number in this post.


Ticket created SUPDT-25600


We upgraded from 6.3 to 6.5. No major problems along the way - just a collector that refused to start because of a broken keystore.

That's great to hear.


Hi @Ingo H.,

probably it's a silly feedback but I personally find a little bit harder to browse the dashlets because of the lack of icons in the cockpit...I find much quicker to select the right dashlet in 6.3...

I don't get why the icons of the dashlets are just shown in the "featured dashboard" section..and not in the whole list.

And, on top of that, it would be a really nice enhancement to be able to add the dashlets to the "featured dashboard" section just like an "add to favorites" feature.

What are your thoughts about?



Hi Raffaele,

thanks for your input!

Regarding "featured dashlets": We are currently discussing the possibility to add dashlets to this section. Stay tuned.

Regarding icons for the most important dashlets: Those will be shown in other places as well in the future (dashlet config, context menu). I understand it is odd that the icons are gone. However we tried to clean up and unify the look and feel of the rich client. Based on feedback we will improve going forward, so please tell if you find other places where usability has suffered.



Although UI unification is great idea, but color icons in rich client are really missing..


We are still considering upgrading to 6.5. I saw in the webinar that 6.5 will now better monitor non-HTTP applications. In our environment, we use IBM IIB and MQ. One area that previous versions had difficulty with was monitoring IIB; does 6.5 accomplish this?

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Hi Bill,

Please check the system requirements, if your environment is official supported.
6.5 supports IIB 9/10 on 64 bit AIX, Linux or Windows.
Feedback on the non-HTTP based applications feature would be really appreciated.

Increased CDN/3rd party timing in 6.5. Has something changed to cause this? Overall page load is the same but now CDN takes up a lot more of that time (I actually thought it was too low before so this feels like a fix!)


We are planning to upgrade, and greatly looking forward to the features we have seen in the webinars/demos, but I have tried to download and install the 6.5 client locally on my machine in preparation, and discovered that there is apparently no 32-bit client for Windows?!?

The filename of the MSI client (dynatrace-client- seems to imply that it would support both 32- and 64-bit, as the name ends in x86-64, but the install failed on my 32-bit Windows 7 Enterprise machine.

We have mostly 32-bit desktops, so this will be a showstopper for us.

I tried the portable client, which also failed to launch the included Java ...

And then I read the release notes, which only mentions 64-bit WIndows ... is this an architectural decision, or a technical requirement?

I know Aaron, that we solved your issue already.
For all other please look this answer 6.5 no 32 bit client for details.


I just finished upgrading our server from 6.3 to 6.5. There were a few hiccups along the way:

We're using the Chef cookbook (, but the upgrade is still very much hands-on due to the license deactivation -> parallel install -> migration (including manual changes required by the migration tool) -> license reactivation process.

We also had some issues with activating the new license, because the CRM thought we had hit end of maintenance (we still had a couple weeks on our license and dT confirmed receiving our renewal PO a couple weeks ago). Also we had problems rolling back because a license can't be reactivated on a given dynatrace server once it has been deactivated, so we had to cut an emergency license until the support team fixed our license upgrade entitlement.

Once the license issue was fixed in the CRM, we were able to complete the upgrade. The migration picked up our LDAP settings, but not the SSL CAs used by our LDAP servers, so we had to manually add the CA certs to the trust store again before LDAP login would work.

The migration also ported our server's SSL certificate to the REST service endpoint (port 8021 by default), but not to Dynatrace Web (port 9911 by default) which reverted to using the out-of-the-box self-signed cert. I had to re-import the certificate through Certificate Management in the webstart client to get Dynatrace Web to use it.

It took 3 attempts but we are now up and running on 6.5. The new UI changes in both the webstart client and web interface look really slick, and I'm glad to see purepaths are now available in the web interface. Transaction flow in dynatrace web also looks really nice, but I wish it would show the intra-tier flows like in the webstart client (edit: it does show them... I was just looking at them wrong).

Overall, this looks like an improvement, and I'm happy to see each release of dynaTrace require less hands-on steps to upgrade than the previous one. Still a few kinks to work through but things are moving in the right direction.

Thanks Steven for the feedback!

Regarding the certificate issues, I would recommend to open a support ticket even if you are able to workaround such issues, so that we can analyze the problem throughly. Let me know the ticket number if you do so.

Regarding the LDAP CA cert, did you:

  1. Use the "Add certificate" during the "Test connection" setup or
  2. Manually add the certificate in a keystore file - if yes, which exact file?

Regarding the WebUI cert:

  • Did you use this guide to deploy the cert in the first place?
  • Assuming yes, which exact filename did you use? conf/webkeystore.jks?
  • Did you carry over the .web.ssl. flags in the ini-files?


  • which migration tool version did you use (run with -version or without params to find out).
  • Did you see any errors in the logs?

Best regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Regarding the LDAP CA cert, I considered adding the certs through the test connection button, but the last time I tried that (during the initial install), it was adding the individual server certs instead of the CA chain, so every time DNS resolved to a different LDAP server it would break. So, I manually added the CA cert to
$DT_HOME/jre/lib/security/cacerts instead. Is there a better place to put trusted certs, which will carry over during a migration?

Regarding the web UI cert, I did use the guide when I installed the certs before the upgrade, and I named it conf/webkeystore.jks. I did not carry over the .web.ssl flags in the ini files because the upgrade guide told me to drop them (it did also say to use certificate management.... I just found it a bit weird that it got migrated for one web frontend but not the other)

The migration tool I used was the one for the 6.5 release.

I don't recall seeing any errors in the logs.

Hi Steven,

I forwarded the request regarding our recommendation for how to deploy LDAP certs.

I can tell you that the jre/cacerts is not migrated by design, as each release brings an new JRE and most new JREs bring a new keystore, so if we would migrate a java 6 cacerts to replace a java 7 cacerts file, that new installation would by that lose new official CA certs for instance from Verisign or similar vendors, which can cause problems later on.

The conf/webkeystore.jks is migrated by the migration tool, but the new implementation of certificate management does not consider this file, due to this the re-import instruction in the Upgrade guide. If I get more details regarding the Why I'll add it here.
Data added / managed with the certificate management since 6.3 should be properly migrated whoever from now on.

Be sure report an issue if you see a problem regarding this going forward to future releases.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Steven,

regarding our recommended procedure to upgrade when having a LDAP certifacte that is not known by the JRE version of the Dynatrace server:

After the upgrade please connect with the built-in admin user and accept the certificate again - or consider to switch the certificate to an officially known one.

See also the step "Reimport LDAP certificate" in the guide.

Regards, Thomas

Upgraded from 6.2 to 6.5, all good except SMTP connection not working
per attached error message. Logged support call no response as yet. appmon-65-error-connecting-to-smtp.png

DC-RUM connecting to same SMTP server with no problems (as was 6.2) ?!?


hi, i have two collectors that start but do not connect. this is upgrade from 6.2 to 6.5.

interesting that my collector.config.xml is showing 6.2.16...........

<!-- Apply manual changes only if you have received explicit instructions from dynaTrace Support -->
<dynatrace version="">
<collectorconfig memento.version=""

Hi Kenneth,

Please open a support ticket and reference here for the issue [nevermind, found it]. Have you used the migration tool? Do you have connetion certificates configured?

The configuration file version itself is no issue, the version is only updated when written, thus when new settings are configured.




We upgraded from 6.3 to 6.5 and one collector refused to start because of a broken keystore. Solved via support case and deleting some files. We also get an error testing SMTP connection, so I will make a support case on this

We are looking into this. For future reference:

Keystore: SUPDT-25932 with JLT-165613



Hi team,

We have migrated DT 6.3 to 6.5 but after migration we are not getting Past data from Performance warehouse.

Please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,


Anybody ?

Hi Japesh,

I think it's best to open a support ticket for this with support archive and check the PWH connection. There is no general problem regarding PWH migration that we are aware of so this needs to be looked at in detail.

Regards, Thomas

When you say past data, do you mean data from 6.3? Did you also migrate the session storage files?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

We tried upgrading to 6.5 from 6.2 but ran into an issue where 6.5 does not like setting the session storage in any directory that is not the default setting. We can't set it in the default location because of not having disk space on there so we tried to set a different location and the Server would not start up. What was weird is that the same type of configuration (session storage set to different directory) was working fine in 6.2

Had to revert back to 6.2 and have a support case open to look into this issue -



We did upgrade from 6.3 to 6.5 but we encounter much more stability and "strange" issue than before since then:

- Purepaths randomly stop arriving SUPDT-27548

- Database agent configured but not visible SUPDT-27847

- LDAPS connection issue (like mentioned by someone else before)

- No DT selfmon running (case not yet opened)