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AppMon 6.5 linux installation, zip instead of jar


I would like to install an AppMon V6.5 on the Ubuntu linux server of our Dev team. For the previous appMon version there was a .jar full package file present, this to install the AppMon server for example. As from the V6.5 the full package is a .zip file, while the download page still mentions 'Use the command "java -jar installpackage.jar" to install the jar packages. Untar the .tar file then execute the unpacked .sh file to install the web server agent.'. If i open the zip there is a file YouShouldNotUnzippedMe' with the content 'Run the Installer by using the following command: java -jar dynatrace-'

I was wondering about the linux install procedure for the V6.5? May be i miss something quite obvious here 🙂

Thx for the info.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Steven,

Just rename the file to .jar

As some proxies and security settings block jar files from being downloaded it is renamed to .zip (as a jar file and a zip file is more or less the same anyway).

Kind regards,