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AppMon 6.5 uem instrument fail


Hi guys,

I'm trying to auto instrument an Andriod app, but I'm unable to instrument due to the error message shows "The APK contains an incompatible Dynatrace OneAgent (Android) ... expected 6.5"

what does it means?




Hello Carlos,

Nothing is inside the logs.

Do you have On-Premises or SaaS environment?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Your app contains an old agent (maybe a 6.2 or 6.3 version). Auto-instrumentation will only work when you use the same version for manual and auto-instrumentation.

You have to migrate your manual instrumentation from the current version to 6.5. The following page should help you with this task:

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the replying.

This instruction means using 6.2 ADK instrument tool but replace corresponding 6.5 jar file and reference path?

Hi Carlos,

If you want to upgrade the instrumentation from 6.2 to 6.5, replace the 6.2 DynatraceUEM.jar with the 6.5 Dynatrace.jar (from the folder /Android/agent/). Then execute the other migration steps (from the previous link) and rebuild you app. Now the app is manually instrumented with a 6.5 agent and now you can use the 6.5 auto-instrumentor to instrument your new apk file. Please consider that the 6.5 agent is not compatible with a 6.2 or 6.3 Dynatrace environment.

If you want to stay on version 6.2, then you have to use a 6.2 auto-instrumentor. In this case you should consider to upgrade to the 6.3 version, because 6.2 is an old version and the last update was published on 2016-04-28. The 6.3 agent is compatible with a 6.2 Dynatrace AppMon server and important bug fixes will be back ported to this version.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the update.

I found a lot of different between document and adk tool.


6.2 has no such file exist, only 6.5 does.

#Update any reference of* to*

I don't see any reference command in instrument.cmd, things are the same for other references.

Did I misunderstand what document's mean?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Yes, I think you misunderstand the documentation. You should NOT change anything in the mobile agent zip. The migration documentation is for users that uses manual instrumentation for their mobile application and it explains which steps they have to do to update their manual instrumentation to the 6.5 version.

If you use manual instrumentation, then you have to perform this steps. If you do NOT use manual instrumentation, then you can ignore this documentation.

Do you use manual instrumentation for your app? Because from the error message "The APK contains an incompatible Dynatrace OneAgent (Android) ... expect 6.5", I think that you use manual instrumentation. If you do NOT use manual instrumentation, then you have to find out why the mobile agent is part of your apk file.

I'm not using manual instrument, I use auto-instrument

Then you have to find out, why the apk file contains a mobile agent. Because the auto-instrumentor can't instrument an apk file, that contains a mobile agent with a diferent version.


I see, thanks for your detail information again.