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AppMon 7.1 Remove self-signed or expiered Certs from the Collector server


Greets all,

In our production environmnet, we are running AppMon v7.1 with the Front End (presentation) server and Collector server on 2 physical servers. In deploying some recent SSL cert updates, while I can deploy the certs using the import wizard on the Front End server (and propagate to the collector), I cannot remove any old certs from the Collector since I cannot connect to an interface like I can with the Front End Server.

Is there a method or way to connect to the Collector via a client to view and remove the legacy self-signed certs?

I observed in thread, someone asking the same question (soft of) about a cert triggering a vulnerability.

I too, am attempting to resolve a similar SSL Cert finding. I can remove the old certs via GUI on the front end server, but assume these are left on the Collector.