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AppMon 7.1: Search by secondary visit tags or combining two header fields as one measure

As the Visit search don't include the secondary visit tag as an option is there any way that I could combine two different header fields as one measure?

Couldn't figure out by myself how to do this or is there even a way to accomplish this?

Our customer would need a way to find the user visits by both userid1 and with userid2 which are located on two different header fields. So therefore the search only works with primary visit tag which is not enough on this case.

header field: userid1

Header field: userid2


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Janne,

as far as I know it's not possible to do this. In this specific case the metric to get the header field ("Web Request - Header Value") does not accept a regex as the header field value to capture. Thus we can't have both information at the same time on the same metric (which is the only way to tag both as primary).

To try to deal with this with another aproach, do you know whether the application has one specific method that process both user names? We could instrument this class and create a metric on top of this method.

Let me know,

Hi Gabriel,

Sorry about slow reply but took some time to double check that if there would be any method where these two id's would meet but seems that these ones are going trough the system as two separate values (as I'm not the developer I need to check this with them still).

I tried already to think out of the box with this one and I could sacrifice the Client IP-address field in AppMon and save the userid2 in there since I see the same load balancer ip-address on every request anyway (I have not tested this but it seems that the AppMon really exepects IP-address on this field) 🙂