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AppMon Agent installed on a NFS shared directory

Hi All,

my customer has 20 servers and 68 java agent and wants to install the AppMon agent in a only NFS directory shared by all of 20 servers.

Unconsidering volumes problem and possible instability caused by network, I believe that AppMon can technically handle that.

But, does anybody have experience or see any problem with that?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The concern would be in regards to the speed of the NAS. Traditionally NAS storage isn't the fastest option. Keep in mind that there's three types of disk space required by AppMon.

1) Product. not as critical

2) Purepath Session Storage: Most critical and speed sensitive

3) Performance Warehouse: Moderately critical.

So if problems are encountered, one option is to move the PP Session Storage to a faster solution (local SSD?).

This really depends on number of agents and the volume of transactions and the quantity of client users. So no hard rules apply, however disk speed is one of the things that start afffecting the capacity of Appmon to handle both incoming metrics from agents AS WELL AS the users client responsiveness.

Here's a nice doc that describes this with a bit more detail:

Bottom line: NFS, not my first choice for session data. If you do use NFS, watch your R+W speed measures of the AppMon Server and be prepared to move Session storage to a faster solution.

Hi Joseph,

in this case the implementation is valid only for AGENT and not for AppMon Server. The idea is to Install the agent once in a NFS shared directory by 20 servers and the 68 JVM's with agents injected must to access this path to load the agent and to write logs.



Sorry, my bad, i didn't realize you were only talking about the agent. From a file system speed perspective NFS should be fine for agent files. One thing to be careful, some agents (WebServer) writes to a shared memory segment file, which would be problematic potentially in your configuration. The Java agent does not use this model. I think you're only using Java agents but I wasn't sure.

Also the agents want to write log files, although this is optional and if file permissions block this action, the agent is still happy and simply won't write any logs. But if you want logs you can specify a log file parameter to the agent for where you want to write logs. See this page for more details of the 'logpath' parameter.:

Thank You, Joseph!

It´s just 68 java agent.only pointing to an unique shared NFS directory with the libraries and logs of AppMon agent. These 68 java agents are distributed between 20 Linux servers.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

We've done that at one of my customers. We haven't had any issues with that.

The only thing that can be a problem is if you do that with the WebServer Agent (classic Agent) - I'd recommend against that. The new technology web server Agent works fine, though.