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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon: Display specific filtered measure on chart


Hello and thank you in advance for your help.


I want to display a chart with "purepath" values that exceed 60seconds for specific hosts.


Today I can easily create the chart for the hosts I want without worry. Except that I can not put a rule to see only the values that go beyond 60seconds for purepaths.


I started looking at the side of the "Create Measure" -> "Business Transaction Evaluation / Filter / Slitting Values" -> "Custom Business Transaction Value" but that does not seem to work so far (I have no value in the chart).



Im on Appmon 7.2





Start with a Purepath Response Time measure with a 60s threshold:

Add as a filter to a Business transaction:

Using this BT, you can chart the # of occurrences or filter purepaths that exceed the 60s limit.

Missed one the measure details, check the box to create a measure for each agent. I think this is needed to filter your dashboard to specific hosts.


Thank you very much Michael for your return but it does not work.

Indeed, this highlights the thresholds as a "sla bar" without filtering purepaths on those that exceed 60seconds.

I just want to display a chart with bars that each represents the number of purepath greater than 60s. All this filtered cut out by day.

That means that if I have 4 hosts and want to display for 7 days, I will have 4 bars (each representing a host) for each of the 7 days, like the example I'm attaching.

Try also adding an "Agent" splitting to the business transaction:

By adding the measure with a 60s SLA as a filter to a business transaction, it limits the BT to only purepaths slower than 60s. On your chart, you would then add the business transaction count split by host.

Hi Michael,

It remains the same, I have consistent data when I filter on 12s (bottom chart) but I only have the data of the day.

When I filter on 60s or 1min it becomes abhorrent (top chart) and still that data of the day

Business Transactions do not go back in time. They only start collecting data for new purepaths.

There are tricks to get Business Transactions to analyze past sessions, but you'd have to create a stored session, copy the BT/measures to that session, and tell it to process configuration changes. Not a good idea for multiple days of purepaths.

I just did other tests and here are the results:

- When I want to display PurePath over 12s it works but it only displays the data of the day (2019/10/29) despite the filter on 48h, a week ...

- When I want to display PurePaths greater than 60s on what is produced bug because it shows me the data that is not outdated and 399ms and also it only shows me the data of the day (2019/10/29 ) the filter on 48h, 72h, a week ...

If it works for 12s but not the 60s, go back and double-check your threshold and BT setup. It works for me with > 60s.

I assure you it's crazy like situation I spent all morning to remake the thresholds, I even opened the Appmon client on two different screens to compare the rules between the 12s and 60s is the same ...

From your first screenshots, it looks like the filter measure doesn't have a threshold defined.

If you open the business transaction and double-click the >60s filter measure, does it show the 60s threshold? If not, you'll need to add it.

Yes it is displayed

I'm talking about your screenshot here--it's missing the threshold.

I have 2 types of threshold :
- Under Business transactions on "Purepath Response Time"
- Under Server Side performance" -> "transaction based mesure" -> "Purepaths"

And the first one under Business transactions is empty for the 12s or 60s threshold