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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon: How to hidden/masking specific field Session Attribute ?



My company want to hidden important information from customer that captured in Dynatrace, such as password, or userID. Eg : when I see details doFilter Servlet in purepath tree, I see session attribute that contain many information from customer that login in application. This is the detail :

The question is, I want to masking specific attribute, such as userAlias. Is possible Dynatrace to masking it ??







I would mask those going to Server Settings -> Settings -> Confidential Strings. There you have the option to select the servlet parameters as confidential, and once this is done, you can set the user profile/group to not have permissions over confidential strings (on the Users configuration, also inside server settings)

Hope this helps!


Is it possible to have different configurations of the "Confidential Strings" for each System Profiles in one Server?

The Confidential Strings is System wide. However you can create Configurations within a given System Profile and configure Profile settings differently for each Configuration.

I don't understand how can I create these configurations in a System Profile. I just know that in a given System Profile, we can configure the "Data Privacy" but the three parameters "IP Adress masking", "Do not track" and "User Action masking" are not enough.. There is already an RFE about it;, we have the same issue. But it seems like there is no satisafactory answer for us.