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[AppMon] How to monitor website is up



I would like to monitor the website (intranet website) and send the alerts if its unavailable. Can someone throw some thoughts on this.

Thanx in advance,


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

AppMon comes with a URL Monitor that allows you to monitor your website by requesting a specific URL. It reports on the availability, response code, throughput, ... - this can be used for availability monitoring of internal apps.

Check out the following online doc that explains how to setup and use this monitor for availability monitoring: Availability Monitoring

Hey Andi, I was wondering if this has changed at all. I am trying to monitor that a URL of a hosted site is reachable internally but the URL monitor does not seem to be getting the job done. When i set it up it requires an internal host and adds that host to the URL of the website and tells me it is unreachable. I can open my browser up on the server and navigate to the external URL just fine. Can this be used to monitor external URLs like for example and tells me the host is unreachable. It also shows the url as when I look at the details.

I am sure I am setting this up wrong but not sure what needs corrected.

In the hosts field you just need to add any host - this can be internal or external so "" should be fine as the name and address. I think you are adding the host to the path field when all you need there is the path not including the hosts so if you are just navigating to the home page the default of "/" should be fine. This allows you to separate the path from the host so if you want to check if a page is available on 20 different servers you just need to add the hosts and keep the path the same.


ahh, thank you, yes I thought I had to pick a host as in here i wanted the url to originate from. Setting the host as the address that I want to test resolved this, thanks.

Hey Jared,
I did the same set up and scheduled the Monitor to run for every 1 minute and then I created incidents and configured my email in case threshold exceeded.

I put HostReachable measure Lower severe value to 0 . sometimes I got incidents email or sometimes not. I don't know where is problem.

See below detailed message

URL Monitor


What should I do for correct configuration.


I am looking to replace a web monitoring tool with Dynatrace but cannot access the Availability Monitoring document in Confluence. We have a corporate license for Dynatrace until March 2021 so why can't I access this document?

Hi Andrew, the topic is obsolete (from 2011) and not valid anymore. The latest version was published here:

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