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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon: Is there any way to show trending of invoking incidents?


Is there any way to show how many times a week or month that incidents/alerts are being triggered? we need to show trending of incident invocations. Keep in mind many have a wide variety of thresholds and logic in the incident itself and this needs to be generated over hundreds of incidents.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

There is a measure called "Number of created incidents" you can use for this.

Can you be a little more specific on where that measure resides please? when i search i'm not finding it.. most likely user error as i am quite the novice.

@Gregory J. covered it... You can set up a dashlet to point to the self-monitoring profile. I did that on my old "Incidents" summary dashboard.

Ack, sorry. I used the wrong reply box without realizing it.

The Number of Created Incidents measure is under Dynatrace Server Statistics in the Self-Monitoring profile. I attached an example image. Notice that the profile selector (red arrow) is set to self-monitoring. And the measure will be available in any chart dashlet. YOu can search for it by clicking in the measure picker window and typing to bring up the find box.

Great stuff here! thanks! Again, being a novice, am i to assume this type of measure is not available outside of self-monitoring system profile? these are great for server stats but i am being asked to show trending of custom incidents built over fairly complex business transactions.

The "Number of created incidents" apparently has no splittings so it will only provide a trend of all incidents created. To split it out by incident, you might be able to create a Threshold Violation count measure in your system profile for each "source" measure you want to track. This isn't what that measure was designed for (it was created to raise incidents based on a threshold being violated x number of times), but it may work for your use case.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Example Dashboard that you should be able to open after point it to your server: OCX - Operations -