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[AppMon] Jetty Monitoring using AppMon


I am trying to install AppMon client on the Jetty web server (Jetty-Service) running on Windows operating system 32-bit. Please let me know if DT supports Jetty monitoring. Ifit does, do I need to install the agent or use system metrics from PERFMON (windows default)


Please advise.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Nag

Can you be more specific on what you want to monitor from Jetty? Do you want to capture individual web requests that are served by Jetty or do you "just" want to monitor system metrics of the Jetty Process?


I assume you want to trace web requests: in that case you need to install a Java Agent on your Jetty Web Server. With that you will get a PurePath for every request executed. You also get system metrics from the Jetty Process as our Java Agents automatically report Process (CPU, ...) and JVM Metrics (Heap Sizes, GC, ...)

If you are just interested in System Metrics I suggest setting up a Windows Performance Monitor



Thanks andreas, i am interested in the web requests, i have installed java agent and cinfugred the properties in jetty-service.config. How do i configure at the client, it doesn't have JVM.

With "Client" - are you referring to the AppMon Client or your Client Application that sends these Web Requests?

Hi,I am able to configure it. Here is what we have done just for reference

Installed Java client for 32 bit version on the Windows server where Jetty is running

added the agent property to jetty-service.config with custom name for agent

The created system profile for tha agent with the name provided for the agent.

All is good now.

hi Andreas,

Is there any way to identify the web server type from the AppMon client ? whether it is tomcat or jetty. I got an error in the server logs that shows "

[JettyLogger] The Jetty web server reported a problem when communicating via SSL, probably a REST client or internet browser was connecting via HTTP instead of HTTPS. EXCEPTION , Exception:, Messasge: Remote host closed connection during handshake"

but I am not sure which agents are causing this error.


Viji R.

Where do you see this log message? In the AppMon server log file? in the agent log file? in the PurePath? Also - would you mind posting this as a new question instead?

Also feel free to add a screenshot with the error - that also helps me understand where you get to see this error

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hi, Nag.


How did you hook it? do you have an example? We are trying to monitor Mendix (that it seems is based on jetty) but i cannot find the configuration files to insert the property that you mentioned. Could you share your configuration file?

All the best



If I google for Mendix JVM parameters I got a bunch of hits on how you can set custom JVM parameters. Specifically the following link sounds promising - - Extra JVM parameters in the configuration of a project.

Best, Roman


 Hi Nag,

Could you please help in letting know, how you configured Jetty I also was configure the same for one of the application that's running on Jetty






Has anyone every setup Jetty monitoring on Pitney Bowes Spectrum?  I'm not sure what config file to add the -agentpath reference to.


Hi Andres,

We are getting the [JettyLogger] handle failed: com.dynatrace.diagnostics.communication.http.JettyLogger warn:86 in Server Logs. Seeing this first time. What does it mean or exactly situated?

are you talking about the AppMon server logs? or the server logs of your jetty that hosts your app?


Hi to all,

has anyone experiences with monitoring the product "FirstSpirit" based on Jetty?

Any recommendations?



Hi All,

we have setup a custom JMX for JettySession for getting count based on Key properties of

Context: agent-app

Type: hashsessionmanager

Now this jettysession is giving high session count crossing almost 4k. So in this case what do i need to check in Web request & purepath? What kind of troubleshooting is required.


What are the configuration req for jetty application server and agent installation.